Album » Te Extraño Buenos Airesby Roger Davidson

The eyes of a visitor change everything — how we look at places we thought we knew so well, how we understand gestures learned long ago, how we deal with the certainties that have always defined what home is.

Roger Davidson is no ordinary visitor to tango. He is a skillful pianist and a prolific and adventurous composer. Both as an interpreter and writer, Davidson has followed his passions into a broad range of styles — from jazz, sacred choral music and tango, to klezmer and bossa nova. He has recorded three albums of tangos. Mango Tango (2000) and Pasion Por la Vida (2009) featured his own compositions. Amor Por El Tango (2004) included tango standards, originals and tango arrangements of Cole Porter’s music.

But for Te Extraño Buenos Aires, he set up a challenge to all involved — including himself.

He entrusted his music to his longtime collaborator, Argentine bassist and producer Pablo Aslan, and a group of tango players and arrangers in Buenos Aires, the world’s capital of tango. There were no specific demands or even instructions. Instead, they would encounter his music and interpret it and re-create it as they saw fit — the insiders watching their reflection in an outsider’s mirror.

All compositions by Roger Davidson (Musica Universalis – BMI)

Produced by Pablo Aslan
Executive Producer: Roger Davidson

José Luis “Pepe” Motta, pianist/arranger on 1,3,8,11,15
Andres Linetzky, pianist/arranger on 2,5,7,9,12
Abel Rogantini, pianist/arranger on 4,6,10,13,14
Ramiro Gallo, violin
Nicolás Enrich, bandoneón
Pablo Aslan, bass

Recorded in Buenos Aires, Argentina, April 2013